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Vincent Knobil insists he’s not a geek, even though he says things like “emulation layer” and thinks people might actually have a clue what he’s talking about. If they don’t, he’ll explain it till their eyes glaze over. And when his partner on a super secret, high-tech venture calls him on iChat, he says “I’m being hailed.” Not a geek?

Vincent is an artist and composer (and a UI design expert who dabbles in programming and pays the bills by localizing software…). He’s not a technophile (except when it comes to Apple stuff). But he’ll play for hours with every feature of some new application—speculating on the designers’ thought processes, commenting on usability, critiquing—claiming all the while that, for him, software is simply a means to his artistic (and pecuniary) ends. Right.

He spent his childhood in the world of Gotlib, auteur extraordinaire of French bandes dessinées. He was drawing cartoons of his own by the time he was seven but, at around the age of 16, he tragically put down his pen, took up the saxophone and infiltrated the Brussels underground music scene. Later, in New York, he forsook the sax for a midi keyboard and a Mac. With that setup, he composed, among other things, a one-act musical play with haunting melodies and brilliant lyrics that tell the poignant story of—a sentient computer. Only Vincent could make the Turing Test touching… Still later, back in Paris, he picked up a flea market guitar that he runs through software that emulates amplifiers and effects. He adds the odd marimba, cymbal, or even an entire orchestra and mixes it with audio software that would terrify most people.

Vincent’s friends and family have always lamented the fact that he abandoned drawing to make his unique music, and they’ve urged him to reconsider for years. Finally, Vincent has once again taken up his pen (actually, his brush) and started cartooning the old-fashioned way; with real ink on good paper (and a scanner, a graphics tablet, and Photoshop).

Vincent’s comic-strip geek lives with a geeky girl who thinks “tag cloud” sounds like poetry. They’re madly in love. As a child, Vincent lived in a comic-strip world. Today, through Geeks in Love, he is sharing his vision of the best of all possible geek worlds.

Written by Pamela

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  1. frogblog » Geeks in Love Says:

    [...] This is to announce his new online comic strip Geeks in Love. Read all about the artist here. [...]

  2. sknoblog » Introducing “Geeks In Love” Says:

    [...] (Thanks to Pamela for writing the flattering About Geeks In Love page). [...]

  3. Matt Says:

    Nice job! You had me with the Hauptbahnhoff strip! I’ll be checking back regularly!

  4. sknoblog » Comment on Geeks In Love Says:

    [...] If you’re that curious, and since according to some people, I’m somewhat of a geek, I will use this opportunity to explain, and to give you some insight into the design of Geeks In Love’s interface. [...]

  5. BaeHat Says:

    Thanks for a really nice commic strip, the humor totally hits the right spot, and the artistic side of it is very cool, and looks good,


  6. Demian Turner Says:

    Hey Vincent/Pam - this is a great site, please setup a twitter account for it, who has time to follow RSS any more ;-)

  7. Vincent Knobil Says:

    Thanks Demian. Pam has been telling me the same thing. Guess I have to get with the program.

  8. Katrina Says:

    Hello! I am wondering if I could use the comic about Flattr (http://geeksinlove.free.fr/?p=210) in an upcoming post. It’s about Flattr, if you can imagine!

    (I can’t seem to find an email address for you, so I’m afraid I bothered Pamela with one instead.)

    Links and credits, naturally. And heck, if you stop by Ireland, I’ll even buy you a pint or some tea and scones.

    Thanks very much!
    Katrina :)

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